::MeDicAL PrOceDuRe yang tidak membatalkan puasa::

1. Eye and ear drops, and ear wash.

2. Nitroglycerine tablets placed under the tongue for the treatment of angina (ubat yang selalu org panggil GTN/Nitrate)

3. Insertion into the vagina of pessaries, medical ovules, vaginalwashes, vaginal speculum, and doctor's or midwife's fingers during pelvic examination.

4. Insertion of the urethroscope into man or woman radio-opaque mediafor X-ray diagnosis or bladder irrigation.

5. Tooth drilling, extraction, cleaning or the use of mis-~ andtoothbursh, provided nothing is swallowed into the stomach, do notnullify fasting.

6. Injections through the skin or muscle or joints or veins, with the exception of intravenous feeding (mcm IV glucose=))

7. Blood donation or receiving blood transfusion.

8. Oxygen and anaesthetic gases.

9. All substances absorbed into the body through the skin, such as creams, ointments, and medicated plaster.

10. Drawing blood samples for laboratory testing.

11. Catheter and media for arteriography of heart or other organs.

12. Endoscopy for diagnostic or intervention purposes.

13. Mouth wash, gargle or oral spray, provided nothing is swallowed into the stomach.

14. Hysteroscopy or insertion of an intrauterine device.

15. Biopsy of the liver or other organs.

A majority of participants added the following:
1. Nose drops, nose sprays, and inhalers.
2. Anal injections, anoscopes, or digital rectal examination.
3. Surgery involving general anaesthetic, if the patient decided to fast.
4. Machine or intraperitoneal renal dialysis.
5. Use of gastroscope, provided it does not entail the introduction ofliquids or other substances into the stomach.

Keputusan yang telah dicapai didalam seminar "An Islamic View of Certain Contemporary Medical Issues" menepati Fiqh Tarjih dan jugaFiqh Taysir (ringan/mudah) . Perkara-perkara yang tidak membatalkanpuasa yang disenaraikan diatas disokong oleh ulama-ulama kontemporidan lama termasuklah Shiekh Al-Islam Ibn Taimiyah, Sheikh Dr YusufAl-Qardhawi, Sheikh Atiyah Saqr, Sheikh Mohammad Salih Al-Munajjid,Sheikh Ibn Utsaimin, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz dan lain-lain. Malahanperkara seperti suntikan ini pernah difatwakan hukumnya tidak membatalkan puasa oleh Sheikh Mohammad Bakhiet Al-Mutiei pada tahun 1919.

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